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General update: 15-04-2014 09:30

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New range of stylish fire safety products

New range of stylish fire safety products

The Henry Wolfe collection is a range of stylish fire safety products that will complement the most elegant interiors, consisting of quality, modern pieces including fire extinguishers, door retainers and metallic safety signs.


Greenvision Heating

Greenvision HeatingGreenvision Heating specialises in ultra-low consumption electric heating systems for hotels. Its patented operating system controls temperature variation to fractions of a degree as less temperature variation means less energy consumed. Greenvision is inviting potential clients to enter a free prize draw to win up to four state-of-the-art radiators, details of how to enter are available on the Greenvision Heating website.
Information: 0115 854 7498 or www.greenvisionheating.co.uk

P3 Technologies

P3 TechnologiesAccording to figures, internet users visit over 17 different travel sites before making a booking, with any confusion or lack of clarity encouraging the user to move on to the next travel website. The P3 iRes booking engine is designed around streamlining the booking process to make it as simple and informative for the user as possible.
Information: www.p3.ie

Crescent Services

Crescent Services Crescent Services promise a good night’s sleep with their 100 per cent Hungarian Goose duvets. Stuffed with 100 per cent Goose Down, the duvet will have high loft, extra softness and a high level of warmth retention. Each duvet comes with a pure-cotton, 400 thread count percale cover and wall box construction to keep the filling evenly distributed. They are then treated with ultra fresh, which the company says keeps the fabric feeling fresh after every wash.
Information: 0844 310 4841 or www.crescentservices.co.uk

Twyford Bathrooms

Twyford BathroomsAt the end of last year, Twyford Bathrooms unveiled its latest Rimfree technology. Developed to set new standards of hygiene and water efficiency, the Rimfree toilet features self-draining jets at the back of the bowl, which release water that flows entirely round the inside of the pan. As Twyford Bathrooms explains, “with no hidden rim, there is simply nowhere for the germs to hide, making the toilet bowl easier to clean.” The company now has three Rimfree designs – Moda, 3D and Galerie – and supplies to hospitals, schools and the hospitality sector.
Information: www.twyfordbathrooms.com

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