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General update: 15-04-2014 09:30

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Angel Commercial

Angel CommercialAngel Refrigeration has recently introduced a range of dual purpose Everlasting Blast Chillers/Shock Freezers. Ideal for catering, pastry, bakery, ice cream and dairy, these high performance cabinets are specially designed to chill down hot foods quickly and safely, in line with government standards. For those with space and budget limitations, the range starts with the King Tray ABF Mini Pro, which comfortably holds 3 by 2/3 Gastronorm pans. For those with the need to chill down higher volumes, the King Tray ABF 15P will take up to 15 Gastronorm or 60 by 40 centimetre trays at a time, while the large capacity King Trolley rooms are popular with caterers who want to avoid removing plates or pans from combination oven trolleys.
Information: 01327 810 370 or www.angelrefrigeration.co.uk

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