World’s first binge-watching hotel comes to London

A hotel dedicated to binge-watching has come to London, where the only way to pay for a stay is to binge watch shows on Netflix.

The Bed ‘N’ Binge Retreat has been set up by mobile network Three in partnership with Samsung to promote the network’s new Go Binge service.

The Go Binge data plan has removed data charges from popular services including Netflix, SoundCloud, Deezer and TV Player.

The suites are themed around Netflix shows such as Stranger Things, House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black and Glow.

Guests are given the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone to watch the shows on and guests can order room service from a menu of gourmet food and drink inspired by binge-watching hits.

Each suite has adjustable mobile docks by the beds and in both toilets and showers for guest’s devices – ensuring there are absolutely no restrictions to bingeing at any point in a guest’s stay, even in the bathroom.

The retreat also offers unique binge-themed workouts to help guests get ‘binge body ready’ during their stay – including lunges, squats and crunches.

Lianne Norry, director of brand and communications at Three said: “Bingeing content is now part of our culture and our everyday life.

We know our customers want to binge everywhere, from the bedroom to the bathroom and whilst they’re on the move and that’s why we’ve launched the Bed ‘N’ Binge Retreat for people to indulge in a good old bingeing session in relaxing surroundings.”

She added: “Go Binge has been created to keep up with this growing phenomenon of binge watching as Go Binge lets customers stream TV, film and music without it counting towards their data allowances.”

The Bed ‘N’ Binge Retreat is based in the leafy grounds of Osterley Park and House, Greater London and will be accepting guests from 6 July to 9 July and tickets are released at 2pm daily on the website.

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