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SPONSORED: The Experience Economy

Many business owners worry about targeting the younger audience, tech savvy ‘millennials’ with time to spare and a hunger for experiences. ACT Studios have been advising and delivering for clients in the hospitality industry on just that. Ensuring they market the experience of their properties, using innovative and expert marketing …

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ONES TO WATCH: Technology 2017

Following on from our successful series last year, we have hand picked a selection of innovative firms to watch out for in the tech space. In this year’s ‘Hotel Owner Ones to Watch’ we take a look at some of the technology companies working to improve the independent hoteliers bottom …

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FEATURE: Aberdeen’s balancing act

Known as the ‘Oil Capital of Europe’, Aberdeen has long enjoyed strong occupancy and high room rates. After the collapse of the oil industry in 2015 the city is now looking to balance its economy and attract a new type of consumer. TOM DAVIS reports It is not every day …

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FEATURE: Sustainable Practices

Sustainable practices are becoming increasingly popular for the modern consumer, but they can also help hoteliers to cut down costs and improve their bottom line. We speak to some key suppliers in the sector. Increasing revenue is at the top of any business’s agenda, but doing this at the same …

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FEATURE: Turning the tide

People living in coastal towns are more likely to be poorly educated, unemployed, claim benefits and living in multiple occupation housing. Many towns on the coast are clearly struggling, but for those that have managed to turn it around, what is the secret, asks TOM DAVIS

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