Portico chief wins Clean Air Award

Portico MD Simon Pratt has been awarded a ‘Clean Air in London’ Award for his contribution to improving air quality in the city.

Pratt was presented with the award by the Clean Air in London organisation for his efforts to improve pollution levels in the capital, such as his lobbying of local government officials.

After working with the organisation to combat air quality and noise levels in the city, Pratt hopes to raise awareness of pollution among Portico’s clients, employees and various hospitality industry leaders.

“Campaigning for cleaner air in London is something I’m incredibly passionate about, so to be presented with the Clean Air in London Award is an honour,” said Pratt.

“With so many of our ‘front of house’ locations based in London, ensuring these clients, their visitors and our team members are not exposed to dangerous levels of pollution is very important to us.”

Founder and director of Clean Air in London Simon Birkett said of Pratt: “Simon has been presented with the Clean Air in London Award 2013 in recognition of his amazing contribution to improving air quality in London. London has the highest levels of nitrogen dioxide, a toxic gas, of any capital city in Europe and long-term exposure to ‘invisible’ air pollution is the biggest public health risk after smoking. London therefore desperately needs people to take a personal lead as Simon has done.

“Clean Air in London admires particularly the way Simon has taken action within his own business and built understanding of air pollution and an agenda for action among other senior leaders in the business community. With business engaging in this issue, in a way not seen since the Great Smog of 1952, we are sure to transform London into one of the most liveable cities in the world.”

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