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New York hoteliers use Manchester terror attack to discourage Airbnb use

A coalition of hoteliers in New York have used the Manchester terror attack to create an ad campaign suggesting home-letting companies indirectly support terrorism.

The campaign, backed by The Hotel Association of New York City, created an ad questioning the guests who stayed in Airbnb properties.

The ad goes on to explain that Manchester bomber Salman Abedi was staying in a short-term rental property at the time of the attack, where he is believed to have been sent chemicals to help create the bomb.

The property that Abedi stayed in was not an Airbnb listing and the company has described the ad as an “outrageous scare tactic”.

Peter Schottenfels, a spokesperson for Airbnb told the NY Daily News: “The fact is Airbnb had nothing to do with the tragic events in Manchester and we are one of the only hospitality companies that runs background checks on all US residents, both hosts and guests.

“Hotel CEOs have a responsibility to tell us why they don’t do the same and why they continue to fund this sort of despicable, cynical advertising.”

Airbnb has run its own counter-campaign called ‘Scare Tactics’ which raises questions about hotel safety.

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