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Bristol hoteliers launch 500-man recruitment drive

The city’s hotels are preparing for a busy summer once the sector is allowed to reopen in England on 17 May

Hoteliers in Bristol are seeking to recruit at least 500 people for jobs, according to the Bristol Hoteliers Association (BHA).

The trade organisation, which represents 40 hotels in and around the city, says the sector is preparing for a busy summer once hotels are allowed to reopen on 17 May.

A surge in demand is expected as the UK is set to have a “staycation” boom over the summer months.

Raphael Herzog, the BHA’s chair, said: “After one of the most difficult years any of us can remember we are now in a position to begin to plan with some certainty for when we can re-open, hopefully without having to go back into lockdown again.

“Around the city, hotels will be looking to recruit at least 500 people, and are planning to recruit even more over the summer, as efforts are made to promote Bristol as a destination and attract tourists back to the city.”

He added: “Many hotels also have a backlog of weddings that were postponed because of the pandemic, and some are still hoping to host around 100 weddings between June and December.”

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