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Improve indoor air quality & kill coronavirus with easy fit UVGI technology

Infection control company ECE Group Services (ECE) has launched a new range of air disinfectant systems that can be retro-fitted to existing air conditioning and duct systems, or via a vent in suspended ceilings.

The products use innovative and energy efficient LED ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) bulbs that are fully tested by independent laboratories to kill 99.93% of common bacteria and virus microbes, including coronavirus.

The bulbs are not only highly efficient, but long lasting and low cost, and require no specialist fitting.  The equipment is designed and specified to ensure that the UV dosages are equal or greater to those required for eliminating the coronavirus, making the range a straightforward solution for helping to keep all areas of a hotel COVID safe and generally improving indoor air quality

As an additional benefit, the system also neutralises odours, making it an ideal solution for environments where people gather inside.

Darren Wight, md of ECE, said: “Indoor air quality has been right at the top of hotel managers’ agenda for a while, and the recent pandemic has only brought the subject into closer focus.  These products provide an easily installed solution that decontaminate the air passing through the hotel’s existing ventilation systems.”

The company has produced a useful and simple to follow flow chart that identifies the product best suited for any type of ventilation system, which can be seen here.

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