Fifth of hospitality workers do not plan to commute post-Covid

According to research carried out by transport specialist Kura, 19.1% of workers in the of workers in the leisure and hospitality industry plan to never commute again after the pandemic

One fifth (19.1%) of the UK’s hospitality and leisure workers do plan to commute ever again after the pandemic, according to research carried out by transport specialist Kura.

The nationally-representative survey of 2,000 UK workers found that this percentage varied depending on the region, from 10.8% in London to 29.1% in Wales.

The primary concern from workers regarding returning to the everyday work commute is infection control and lack of social distancing on public transport.

Some 36% of workers hold Covid-related concerns with regard to the future of commuting, with this percentage rising to 54.4% for those employees commuting in and around London.

Godfrey Ryan, CEO of Kura, said: “As Covid-19 restrictions lift and employees are requested to return to the workplace, there will undoubtedly be more thought and consideration given to the regular commute.

“With increased awareness around factors such as infection control and social distancing, we will inevitably see a shift in the commuting landscape.”

He added: “For public transport commuters in particular, the perceived lack of infection control, unreliability of service and overcrowding is hampering employers’ hopes of an office-based or hybrid workforce post lockdown.

“As these fears continue to prevent workers from wanting to return to the workplace, it is time for employers to step up and offer alternative travel support to their employees where necessary.”

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