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Scottish gov launches hospitality recruitment drive

The new campaign is encouraging people to choose a career in Scotland's tourism and hospitality industry

The Scottish government has announced the launch of a new recruitment drive, encouraging people to choose a career in the country’s tourism and hospitality industry.

As part of the drive, the government launched an advertising campaign targeting roles within the industry to young people who have had their job prospects affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit.

The campaign is being led by the Scottish Tourism Alliance, supported by £100,000 in funding, and will last from 5 July to 15 August.

On the campaign, business and tourism minister Ivan McKee said: “Tourism and hospitality businesses have been extremely hard hit by the pandemic and the ability to employ committed, talented and enthusiastic staff will be an important part of the recovery.

“There are a host of job opportunities needing filled right now to suit a range of passions and interests and the possibilities for a career in hospitality are endless. Whether it’s meeting new people, being part of a team, or working with food, this new campaign highlights that ‘whatever you love doing, there’s a job in hospitality for you.”

He added: “We had pledged £25m for tourism recovery in the first 100 days of this government and this recruitment campaign will play a key part in that recovery.

“I hope this recruitment drive will encourage young Scots who perhaps hadn’t considered a job in this sector to look at the many opportunities available to them.”

Marc Crothall, the Scottish Tourism Alliance’s chief executive, said: “The jobs are here in Scotland’s tourism industry and employers are doing more than ever to support and encourage people to come and work in these roles, whether it’s for the short or longer term.

“The career opportunities are varied and numerous and in a people based sector. There are the added softer benefits such as being a valued part of a team and having something to be proud of – maybe a service that you have delivered or someone’s day that you’ve made with a great hospitality experience.”

Leon Thompson, UKHospitality Scotland’s executive director, said: “This is an important and very welcome campaign, demonstrating the Scottish Government’s support for the country’s hospitality sector.

“Right now many businesses are struggling to recruit a full workforce, resulting in closures and scaled back service.”

He added: “The campaign, with its focus on young people, helps illustrate the variety of the jobs on offer and the terrific career opportunities that can be enjoyed by people entering hospitality.

“Hospitality is all about people and that starts with a talented and skilled workforce. UKHospitality is delighted to be supporting this campaign.”


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