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Food and drink tops list of complaints for UK hotel guests

The quality of dining and bar offerings in UK hotels were the most complained about issues in the sector, according to new research by professional services firm EY.

The findings were based on a survey of nearly 200 UK hotel managers. A fifth of UK general managers (19%) revealed that food and drink were the biggest issue for guests followed by 17% citing the quality of room amenities. The next single most popular customer complaint was the quality of room service and housekeeping (14%).

According to the firm, the survey found that hotel management were “acutely aware” of the issues at hand, with 62% of respondents confirming that they had made changes to food and beverage offerings in the last two years. Of those, 77% had experienced revenue or margin growth as a result.

Christian Mole, EY’s UK head of hospitality and leisure, said: “Changing consumer trends have increased the appetite for better quality, variety and choice in food and drink over the last few years with guests often expecting more quinoa than cucumber sandwiches and slates rather than plates.

“It’s clear from the survey that customer satisfaction is the key to profitability and growth but there is still a long way to go.”

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