Signature Living’s George Best Hotel staff offered relocation packages

Staff at the George Best Hotel in Belfast, owned by Liverpool-based property group Signature Living, has offered staff redundancy packages following delays to the hotel’s opening.

The group purchased the Scottish Mutual Building in 2017 and promised to invest £15m into the property to turn it into the George Best Hotel, however an opening date is still yet to be set. Reports suggest that around 24 members of staff who have been employed to work at the hotel have been offered to relocate to work in the group’s other properties in Cardiff and Liverpool.

Around 10 members of staff have reportedly turned down the relocation offer and have instead been offered compensation packages.

A spokesperson for Signature Living said: “A relocation assistance package was offered to anyone who decided to take up this option, with a view to returning to Belfast once the George Best Hotel has a confirmed opening date.”

Signature Living told the Belfast Telegraph that the hotel had encountered “continued delay” with anticipated opening dates, due to policy and building work process protocols “taking longer than originally anticipated”.

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