The Air-Reviver – Why everybody is talking about it

Air-Reviver has launched a range of inexpensive air purification systems that benefit from state-of-the-art virus, bacteria and parasite eradicating technology. Our products clean and disinfect the air, creating a much healthier environment for enclosed spaces while also providing peace of mind due to its ability to neutralise harmful particles. It is one of the only available products of this type in the UK. 

The Air-Reviver Technology

The technology behind the Air Reviver is a unique system based on patented Bipolar Ionisation technology. The Air-Reviver generates positive and negative ions, just like those found in nature. When it’s released in the air and mixes with existing H20 it causes a chemical reaction that neutralises harmful parasites, bacteria and viruses – we are awaiting tests on how this relates to the Covid-19, however, it is highly likely it can remove this virus as well.

Tested by world-renowned institutions

The Air-Reviver technology has been tested in renowned laboratories around the world. Its efficiency has been scientifically proven and some of the impressive test results include:

-Removing 99% of Highly Pathogenic Influenza H5N1

-Removing 98% of Influenza Virus H1N1

-Inactivates Staphylococcus Aureus by 99%

-Inactivates E.Coli by 91%

Significant tests are also being carried out on its effectiveness against Covid-19. Initial results from tests carried out in one of the top ten hospitals in the world are very positive, and as shown above the technology does eradicate corona – part of the Covid family.

Full details are available on www.airreviver.com website.

Six layers of filtration

All the Air-Reviver units include a six layer air filtration system that allow the units to clean and disinfect the air, solving a wide range of air pollution issues.

  • Antibacterial Pre Filter – removes all pollutants bigger than one micron
  • Medical grade HEPA Filter Infused with Carbon – traps 99% of particles greater than PM2.5
  • Charcoal Infused Filter that contains antibacterial agents
  • UV Light – UV radiation is widely in hospitals as an effective and safe disinfection system
  • Silver Ion filter that kills bacteria and viruses by destroying their inner DNA
  • Air-Reviver Module – releases positive and negative Ions making all bacteria and viruses dormant

It also has add-on smart functions which perform 24-hour monitoring of outdoor and indoor air quality, self-adjusting fan speed functions and customisable dashboards can be used on a large screen monitor, for instance in an office or hotel, giving staff and visitors a peace of mind.


The Air-Reviver Module

The Air-Reviver ranges include a standalone module, easily integrated with any air conditioning or ventilation unit, which can also be purchased with a Duct Fitting case, allowing the technology to be integrated in any duct ventilation system. To allow virus free zones even in large areas such as banquet halls and lobbies.

The Air-Reviver Stratus Unit

The Stratus Units is a wall mounted or freestanding unit and comes in four models with different power and room size capabilities, ranging from 20sqm to 180sqm per unit.

The Air-Reviver Cube Unit

Freestanding, or wall hung, the cube comes in three models that are extremely quiet and elegant.

The Air-Reviver Peura Unit

This compact unit can be desktop wall or ceiling mounted and requires only a standard mains point to function. Each unit refreshes up to 60sqm of air, 2.5 times every hour.

All units can be controlled remotely through a dedicated phone app that also shows the air quality. These units will self-adjust according to the environment and are extremely quiet.


“I believe the hospitality industry is hyper competitive. Peura Air could be the next brand differentiator. Every hotel brand is selling a story or a life style and Peura fits all life styles. During the pilot process, our guests woke up refreshed and Aura air made it Possible.” – N. Lorusso, a GM at Hilton

The quality of the air has vastly improved due to Peura Air. Hotel rooms are notoriously stuffy due to high volumes of traffic. The air in my room smells like fresh air all the time now. I have been living in the hotel over the last two years and with Peura Air it is a different experience!” – L. Antonio Silos, Consul General of Brazil

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