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‘Minications’ give UK economy £24bn boost

Britons are opting for ‘minications’ in the UK, taking more frequent and shorter breaks this year, according to new research carried out by Travelodge.

Some 64% of those surveyed are taking on average two ‘minications’ in 2020, with the average trip costing £281, giving the UK economy a £24bn boost.

Travelodge’s survey of 2,000 people revealed that 42% of holidaymakers have swapped longer vacations for short getaways.

Over a quarter reported that they did not feel confident taking a holiday this year due to lack of confidence, with nearly half stating that shorter breaks were the “ideal” holiday situation for them during the pandemic in terms of their safety.

The report by Travelodge also revealed that breaks to the seaside were the “most popular” with holidaymakers, with the top coastal locations being Cornwall, Devon and North Wales.

York, Edinburgh and London were ranked as the top three cities to visit for a ‘minication’.

Shakila Ahmed, spokeswoman for Travelodge, said: ‘‘Our study reveals that we have become a mighty ‘minication nation’ and we are rediscovering what makes Britain so great. Our 575 UK hotels are now all open and with our Covid-19 safety measures in place, we are welcoming customers from all corners of the UK. 

‘‘We are also seeing a growing trend in more Britons taking multi-location short breaks with a combination of a coastal, rural or city break. Taking regular short breaks helps to maximise your holiday time, reboot your batteries, discover the beauty of Blighty and it also provides interesting content to share on your social news feeds.

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