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Contactless check-in is key to winning back customer confidence

With the welcome news of multiple vaccines on the way, hotels can look forward to a return in bookings in 2021. But things will be far from ‘business as usual’. Returning guests will be far more cautious than before, and many will seek out accommodation which enables them to avoid any unnecessary contact.

In fact, a survey from August found that only 8% of guests would feel comfortable checking in at a hotel front desk, and 8 out of 10 would prefer a contactless check-in and check-out solution on their own mobile device.

But how feasible is this without creating further friction for guests, or stretching already creaking budgets? Here are two examples of how contactless check-in can work seamlessly for any hotel, from multinational chains down to the average B&B.

Yotel Porto

Yotel is famous for providing guests with the very best of what they want, and none of what they don’t. As they gear up for the opening of their new Yotel Porto in early 2021, they have decided to extend their signature style to their check-in and check-out for minimum hassle and maximum safety.

By easily integrating ID scanning into their new customer-facing app, guests will be able to capture the data from their passport with their own phone camera in a millisecond, and securely enter it to complete their check-in, after which they receive their mobile room key on their device.

Check-in Scan

While larger hotels have dedicated teams to ensure the smooth integration of new software, ‘plug and play’ options also exist, which can enable even owners of single apartments to register guests in a few clicks.

Companies like Check-in Scan in Spain provide end-to-end solutions that can be downloaded in a few minutes from the Google Play or App Store, and charge a flat monthly fee for use. With clients ranging from holiday homeowners to larger hotels, they have given guests the confidence to travel, with the convenience of their mobile solution.

Will going contactless mean losing the ‘personal touch’?

As we’ve seen this year, customers of all ages have fully embraced the use of contactless tools for everything from payments to restaurant menus and even tracking and tracing. Today, the public expects to be able to achieve almost any commercial interaction by reaching for their phones.

But as we know, personal interaction is at the heart of hospitality. That’s why analysts like McKinsey & Co. advise a careful balance between delivering best-in-class service, while reducing risks along the customer journey. Introducing an automated and contactless check-in and check-out process will give your workforce capacity to improve the customer experience away from the front desk, helping your hotel build stronger connections with guests.

How long does it take to get started?

If your business is already using a customer-facing app or enables some form of self-check in and check out through your website, Anyline ID scanning can be easily integrated into your existing system to enable contactless registrations within a matter of days. And even if you are earlier in the process, there are many capable integrators who can facilitate seamless integration into your hotel PMS. To get started, get in contact with Anyline today!

By Michael Organ, Anyline VP of Data

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