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Seizing the potential of the Olympics with point of sale

UK Point of Sale is reminding the hospitality industry of the importance of POS when promoting a service in a busy market.

With over 4 million more people than normal expected to visit London because of the Olympics this summer, hotels, restaurants and cafes will need to catch consumers’ attention.

Offers and promotions will be a key aspect of many marketing campaigns and it is essential for these businesses to think about presentation and appearance of offers.

The point of sale kit for businesses varies widely but for hotels, chalk boards and chalk ‘A’ boards for outdoors are deemed the perfect accessories for promotion.

Sales and marketing director at UK Point of Sale Debra Jamieson said: “With the Olympics being the culmination of a huge summer of sport for Britain, it’s key that businesses stand out in the crowded market. Consumers will be subject to ‘promotion overload’ and flexible point of sale is essential to allow hotels, restaurants and cafes to personalise signage for the sporting season.”

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