Berendsen introduces new wash concept

Textile services provider Berendsen has introduced a new wash concept that it said will “revolutionise” the way in which hospitality linen is laundered.

Through the use of innovative chemicals, combined with an adaptive and optimised wash process, Berendsen is able to launder textiles at lower temperatures while maintaining a high-quality finish.

The new wash concept allows for a gentler and more effective wash process and delivers “excellent” bleaching results from 40 degrees celsius.

When compared with tests from an average 70 degrees celsius wash, the company said its new process proved to be more effective in all of the “most important areas”.

Berendsen said it consistently achieved “spectacular” linen whiteness, ensured a high standard of cleanliness and is “excellent” at removing stains.

The process is also more environmentally friendly than alternative methods. Since the chemical mix enables linen to be washed at lower temperatures and uses less water, the volume of water and energy used is lower compared with washes at standard industry temperatures. The company said this is also kinder to textiles and prolongs their life.

Paul Swift, business development manager at Berendsen, said: “As the UK’s leading textiles service provider, we are constantly innovating and our new wash concept represents a significant step forwards.

“Most importantly, it’s an area where we can help to improve hotel guests’ perception of linen quality as they stay at the hotel, through provision of linen that looks whiter. Our objective is that this in turn will benefit our customers through improved guest reviews and increased levels of repeat stays.”

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