‘Opportunity Knocks’ for leisure and retail businesses in the North East

Leading North East entrepreneur Alan Foster is a launching a new series of events to help businesses learn more about sales and marketing and how simple techniques can help with growth and profits.

Foster, who runs Design 365 in Newton Aycliffe, will launch his ’50 Ways’ series with a workshop aimed at the leisure and retail sectors titled ‘Opportunity Knocks’.

Opportunity Knocks will be an informal event that will provide 50 ways to raise a business’s profile using online methods, such as social networking, emarketing campaigns and offers and distribution lists.

Two highly-regarded experts in the sales strategy and public relations fields will offer attendees ideas and techniques that will create a stream of new and repeat custom. Besides the range of advice and practical methods provided, the event is a chance for businesses in the leisure and retail sectors to network with each other.

Alan Foster said: “The 50 Ways series is something I have been working on for a while now and is in response to so many companies wanting a simple, informal workshop-style event to help them get started with web marketing, social media, sales and PR. We’ll be arming people with proven tricks of the trade so that they can do it themselves and we’ll be sharing lots of techniques to promote your business and ensure you never have a quiet day.”

One of the experts Jackie Wade added: “Getting people to show interest and enquire about your business is one half of the equation. The other is making sure when they do that your staff are able to convert them into customers and furthermore keep them coming back. If you are to get a real return on your marketing investment, then getting the people on your side is critical, otherwise you might just be wasting your money. I’ll be delighted to share some interesting thoughts and ideas on getting staff on board to ensure they play their part in winning customers’ hearts, minds and ultimately their custom.”

Opportunity Knocks takes place on 6 November at the Xcel Centre, Aycliffe Business Park.

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