‘Rude’ hotel manager hits back at one-star TripAdvisor review

The manager of Sefton Park Hotel responded to a TripAdvisor review with a reply that some have described as “rude and patronising”.

The reviewer gave the hotel a one-star rating, calling it the “worst hotel in Liverpool.” The visitor, from Zurich in Switzerland, wrote that they were asked to pay a “ridiculous” deposit for their “freezing” room.

Hotel manager Conor O’Donovan replied to this telling the visitor that the grammar in their review was “all over the place”, suggested they had “anger management issues” and advised them to take up “beginners yoga”.

The exchange, which was reported by Liverpool Echo, attracted many comments on social media with some users describing O’Donovan’s responses as “unprofessional”.

One comment said: “Criticising the grammar, for goodness’ sake? If the rest of the staff take their tone from the manager, it’s no wonder the customer got irate.

“I don’t know if the guy who wrote the review was in the right or not, but if that’s how they respond when you’ve got a problem… yeah. I’ll definitely be staying elsewhere.”

A Facebook user said: “That’s a rude and patronising response from the hotel manager if you ask me. Whatever happened to ‘the customer is always right’?”




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