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Campaign to find female-friendly hotels reveals shortlist

Travel management company Redfern has revealed a shortlist from its search for the UK’s most female-friendly hotels.

The campaign was part of the company’s first ever SOLO awards which represents solo female travellers.

Over 100 women who travel alone for business nominated the hotels they felt catered most to their needs. Factors considered in the adjudication were seating in restaurants and room allocation.

A shortlist of eight hotels have been selected and they have all been secretly visited by judges. The winner of the SOLO award will be revealed next month.

The shortlisted hotels are:

Kate Wimpeney, chief operating officer at Redfern, said: “The response to our first SOLO awards has been fantastic and it’s been really encouraging to hear the reasons why women have nominated the hotels they have.

“As you might expect, safety and quality of facilities were big factors but it was also the small, personal touches that set some of the hotels apart.

“One lady explained how staff had brought her a hot lemon to her room when she’d mentioned she wasn’t well, and another commented on the way staff always remembered her name and made her feel welcome and comfortable.”

She added: “It goes to show that quality customer service can make all the difference, regardless of price point.

“It’s been a great exercise in finding out how hotels in the UK are meeting the demands of the increasing number of female travellers, and all the hotels shortlisted should feel very proud that they are leading the way when it comes to female-friendly business travel.”

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