Three quarters of travel industry workers love job

A large majority of those who work in the travel and leisure industry are satisfied with their jobs, according to a survey.

Experience management specialist Qualtrics found 73% were happy in their work, with 13% claiming to be “extremely satisfied”.

The Qualtrics Pulse survey, which analyses job satisfaction, also found that while 66% of respondents in the travel sector were happy with their work commute while a further 58% said they felt there was opportunity for job growth.

Some 62% of those in the travel sector were said to be pleased with their work life balance.

On the other hand, just 52% of travel workers claimed to be happy with their pay. However, 60% said that they were satisfied with the level of recognition that they received at work.

Sheila Kearney, travel industry director at Qualtrics, said: “Our research shows that workers in the hotel and leisure sector are largely satisfied in their jobs, but not necessarily for the reasons you might expect.

“While pay and benefits achieve low scores among workers, our Driver iQ analysis shows these are not the factors with the greatest impact on employee satisfaction in this sector. The behaviour of business leaders and achieving a work-life balance are the most influential in driving satisfaction and staff retention and this is where hotel and hospitality is getting it right.”

She added: “Understanding the key drivers to satisfaction and focusing on the areas with the greatest influence, hotels can drive greater employee engagement and this in turn will positively impact the guest experience.”

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