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Tripadvisor to mark hotels where sexual assaults have been reported

The badges will stay on a hotel's page for three months before removal is considered

Tripadvisor has added a badge to let customers know which hotels and resorts have had reports of sexual assaults.

This is a temporary measure, following a backlash the company received when it was accused of repeatedly removing a review in which a woman stated she was raped at a hotel.

The badges will remain on the site for three months but will be kept up if “issues persist”. The badge does not detail exactly what has happened at the accommodation, but encourages users to research before making a booking.

On 1 November, the company issued a public apology to Kristie Love, 35, who said she had been raped by a security guard at the Paraiso Maya resort in Mexico. Tripadvisor said the review went against its policy of permitted reviews which used “family friendly” language.

Love has insisted she was not apologised to personally.

Another guest at the same resort also claimed she “gave up” trying to post a review about a sexual assault there as Tripadvisor said her review contained information which wasn’t firsthand.

An employee committee will decide whether a property has its badge added or removed and listings will not be taken down from the site regardless of complaints they may receive.

Spokesman Kevin Carter, said: “We want consumers to see good and bad reviews of businesses.”

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