Hotels need roadmap to recovery, says Bristol Hoteliers Association

It comes as PM Boris Johnson launched the ‘Build Back Better Council’ which aims to help shape post-pandemic economic recovery plans

The Bristol Hoteliers Association has called on the government to provide the industry with a roadmap to recovery similar to the one that has been outlined for schools. 

Following the parliament’s announcement that schools would not re-open until the second week of March at the earliest means hoteliers are now expecting it could be April or even May before hotels can open. 

According to the association, they say they feel they have “not been treated as fairly as other sectors and are calling for more clarity to enable them to properly plan and prepare to re-open their businesses”.

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It comes as earlier this month PM Boris Johnson launched the ‘Build Back Better Council’ which aims to bring together business leaders from many sectors to work with the government to unlock investment, boost job creation and help shape post-pandemic economic recovery plans.

However Raphael Herzog, chair of the Bristol Hoteliers Association has hit back saying the hotel sector is not properly represented on this council and that hotels are not being given the voice and support they need.

Herzong said: “There is one restaurant chain representative on this new council, but no dedicated voice for hoteliers.

“Many of the other industries represented on the council, such as construction, banking and telecommunications, have been able to continue operating during the lockdowns to a far greater extent than we have been able to, yet they have a dedicated representative and we do not.”

He added: “Many hotels have invested considerable sums of money – despite having very little, if any, income – in making our buildings Covid-19 safe, yet hotels have been among the first businesses to be forced to close during lockdowns and are among the last to be allowed to open.

“Despite this, we have continual costs, such as security, cleaning and maintenance, yet no income.”

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