Aberdeen Hilton staff ‘falsifying’ food safety records and changing food labels

Aberdeen City Council health inspectors have said kitchen staff at Aberdeen’s DoubleTree by Hilton hotel were “falsifying food records and re-labelling foods to extend their shelf life”.

Upon their discovery the inspectors ordered the destruction of almost 100 food items and demanded that three items were removed from the menu.

Inspectors said the kitchen “posed a serious risk to public safety” adding that the hotel had committed “an extremely serious offence” and saying that the results of the inspection were “particularly disappointing given the perceived standard of the business”.

Health officers warned that “similar standards” are found in the future then they will be “recommending prosecution”. A hotel spokesman told media they wanted “to uphold the highest of standards” and are “working to fully address the matters raised”, adding that health officers had been “satisfied” by measures taken.

Aberdeen City Council however said that a follow up investigation in March revealed “outstanding unsafe issues”.

Other offences found by inspectors included sticky fridge handles, sandwiches covered with dirty cloths and packets of naan bread stored on the floor.

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