‘Gig economy’ petition to protect workers hits 2,000 signatures

A petition to ensure all ‘gig economy’ workers get holiday pay, sick pay, and minimum wage has hit 2,000 signatures.

The petition, launched by GIG co-founder and CEO Antony Woodcock, has been aimed at the government “to beef up the response” to recommendations made in the Taylor review, which is a state-led enforcement of a basic set of core pay rights that apply to all workers.

GIG is an organisation that enables workers to find shift work and allows employers to hire temporary staff.

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Woodcock said: “This is an issue which is particularly important for the hospitality industry, where roughly half of workers are on flexible contracts. But flexibility doesn’t have to come at the cost of basic rights.

“Since launching the campaign, we’ve been liaising with Matthew Taylor and have had positive meetings with MPs and industry bodies. But we’ve still a long way to go if we’re to see the change we need to make gig work, work.”

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