Why does a hotel need a backup generator?

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Picture the scene: it’s a weekend, you’re fully booked, the restaurant is buzzing, the bar is a hive of activity and then – BANG – the lights go out.


But wait, all you need to do is flip the switch in the fuse box, right?

What happens when the lights go out.

As panic sets in around you, you stroll casually to the fuse box, flip the switch and – nothing.


At this point, your guests start to leave or crowd around you, demanding answers while you flap about in a daze doing everything you can to restore the power and bring a smile back to the faces of your clientele.

But the longer it goes on, the more the guests filter out and look for somewhere else to pass the evening.

Because the truth is, with no power, you can’t even provide:

  • Cold water
  • Lights
  • Chilled drinks
  • Air conditioning

Or any of the creature comforts your guests have become accustomed to. But until you can restore the power, you’re going to have to turn people away. And that’s got to sting, especially after how bad you’ve been hit by having to close during the pandemic.

There are many reasons why hotels need the ability to provide power to their facilities in the event of a power grid or mains supply failure, and the story above is just one of them.

Why your hotel needs a backup generator.

Over the last decade or two, power supply failure hasn’t been all that common. And that’s been down to the stability and reliability being provided by fossil fuels. But as we move towards decentralised power generation and renewable energy alternatives, like solar and wind power, our once reliable power grid is starting to become more and more unreliable.

In fact, in 2019, the UK saw its biggest power cut in over a decade due to a wind farm lightning strike.

The result?

Millions of pounds worth of damage, disruption and inconvenience to business owners and operators.

The power went out for over an hour to the worst affected areas. And while the national grid worked tirelessly to restore supplies, it was still long enough to cause problems.

But not so for those with backup generators.

For hotels with a backup generator, power was restored within minutes, appeasing customers and allowing their enjoyable evening to continue with the minimum of fuss.

Whereas those without had to sit and wait for the lights to come back on.

Make sure your guests aren’t left in the dark.

Since our foundation in 2017, Pleavin Power has fast become one of the UK’s leading standby, prime and emergency power system providers. And working with our specialist customer-focused team, we can design, supply, install and maintain a system that allows your hotel, spa or leisure complex to run at full capacity during even the most prolonged and severe power outages.

To see what the Pleavin Power team can do, just visit our website.

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