UK holidaymakers’ demand for Airbnb stays stagnates

Holiday makers are set spend more money on their holiday accomodations this summer, with only a 0.6% increase in UK residents planning to use Airbnb services.

Loan lending firm Ferratum’s Summer Barometer, a survey conducted twice a year to review customer spending behaviours, found that 26% of respondents plan on spending more money this summer than last, while 40% said they will be spending as much as they did last summer.

Tony Gundersen, country manager of Ferratum Money UK, said: “In the UK respondents are planning on spending more of their disposable income this summer than they did in 2017, and are prioritising travelling abroad over the more local summer activities preferred last year.

“As the national living wage increases and the uncertainty around political events like Brexit lessen, UK holidaymakers are excited to make foreign holidays a key part of their summer again.”


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