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Q&A: The new face of F&B at Liverpool Radisson Red

The new Radisson Red hotel in Liverpool has recently appointed a food and beverage manager, Sean Callaghan, to lead its culinary offering. Here he tells us a little more about his experience in the industry and the hotel group.

How long have you been in the hospitality industry and what inspired you to pursue a career in it?

I have worked in hospitality for 15 years, in that time working my way up from glass collector to general manager. I’m a people person and a massive fan of food, so being able to bring the two together and work in hospitality came naturally to me.

You’ve managed venues on the South coast before. How will the new venue be different and do you expect the Liverpool clientele to be different?

I’m originally from Merseyside and spent the majority of my life in and around Liverpool. It’s fantastic to be back here and work in the people’s city. There’s always something going on around every corner and Liverpudlians really are one-of-a-kind for their wit and banter.

How do you think the hospitality industry has changed in the 15 years you’ve been a part of it? 

The hospitality industry is always evolving. Social media platforms play a massive part now in setting people’s expectations and those wow moments can be harder to achieve every day. Being brilliant at the basics and keeping an open mind to changes is the key to success.

What stands out the most about the new Liverpool Radisson Red? 

The team culture. Happy team = Happy guest. Also, the hotel and restaurant are beautiful, set in a stunning former-railway hotel. It’s an honour to be working here as the building is restored to its original glory after being used as student accommodation for a number of decades.

Which part of your appointment are you most excited about? 

I’m very excited to run our exciting event nights, which will be anything but ordinary. I envision Stoke restaurant to be the go-to place for fun, quality and great service in the city.

As the food and beverage manager of the venue, what has been your involvement in the group’s hiring campaign?

We are holding a recruitment open day on the 9th August in the Liverpool Empire Theatre. It will involve a drag queen DJ set, social activities and cocktail making creating a setting where people can be themselves and let their personalities shine through. 

Do you think that the group’s plans to promote staff retention will be successful, and why?

Staff retention is so important to me as a manager as it has a knock on effect on the team if there’s constant changes – it really does make a huge difference when everyone gets on and are comfortable with each other. 

It’s all about setting the right culture from day one. I have only been here a short time and already have been made to feel part of the Radisson Hotel Group Family, and that’s exactly how I want every new member of the team to feel.

Are there any future plans in store for the Liverpool Radisson Red that you can tell us about?

We have some fun, exciting events planned that I’m sure will be a massive hit in Liverpool, but for now I can’t give too much away. Keep your eyes peeled on our socials to be the first to know. #stokeliverpool

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