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Travelodge to open 17 new hotels in 2019

Travelodge has announced plans to open 17 new hotels across the UK in 2019, creating more than 350 new jobs and growing its hotel network to 595 locations in the UK, Spain and Ireland.

It revealed the 17 new hotels will be developed by third party investors, with an approximate investment value of £115m.

The group will continue the roll-out of its Travelodge Plus concept, with its seventh property, a new build regional hotel at Marlow-on-Thames, to go alongside its existing city centre locations in Edinburgh, York, London and Brighton.

The group will also extend the roll-out of its successful SuperRooms, extending their reach to more than 50 hotels across the UK, with new roll-outs in: Edinburgh, London, Marlow, Solihull and Winchester, including the first rooms to feature mini chiller cabinets.

The new UK expansion programme will see core Travelodge continue to grow and extend its restaurant business. It is expected to open its 200th hotel with an on-site restaurant in 2019, with 13 of the new hotels featuring its bar café concept. It will also extend the reach for business customers with more hotels in “key growing” business locations including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Marlow, Solihull and Swindon.

Peter Gowers, Travelodge, chief executive said: “Despite the uncertainty facing the UK, the long-term prospects for low-cost hotels remain strong. The next phase of our expansion plan will see us deliver more choice in more places than ever before.

“We’ve come a long way from our early days by the side of the motorway and today’s Travelodge not only offers the same great value as always, but the extra choice of our new Travelodge Plus and SuperRoom concepts – ideal for those for who want just that little bit more.”

He added: “Britain’s travellers are changing. We expect more and increasingly we travel to a wider range of places. More and more of us are working away from home during the week, and we’re taking more long weekends.

Travelodge now has to satisfy the needs of travellers who just want the essentials at a low price, and of those who also value the little extras. With a network expected to reach 595 hotels this year and our new line-up of Travelodge, SuperRooms and Travelodge Plus, we’re focused on making sure we can give you the right choice, in the right place, at the right price.”

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