Dalmahoy Hotel completes £2m refurbishment

The Dalmahoy Hotel and Country Club, a historic hotel built in 1725, has completed a £2m refurbishment.

The three-month refurbishment project, led by Scottish design firm 10 Design, owned by Liz McNeill, was part of a two-year major upgrade of the resort, which came with “minimal guest disruption”.

According to the hotel, the renovated rooms are “integral” to the hotel team’s commitment to the resort’s offer that combines “the convenience of a city centre stay with the beauty of a country retreat”.

Additionally, the refurbishment also helped shine a light on historic keys which played a part in Mary, Queen of Scots’ temporary prison break from Loch Leven Castle in 1568.

The keys belong to the 22nd Earl of Morton, who lives on the Dalmahoy estate, and the hotel’s opening marks the first time the keys have been seen in public since the end of the 18th Century.

Alistair Kinchin, general manager of Dalmahoy, said: “It’s very apt that Mary, Queen of Scots’ keys are officially unlocking the doors to our restyled hotel – a refurbishment which carefully blends modernity, whilst helping us celebrate the building’s incredible past.

“We’re excited to welcome our guests to the new-look Dalmahoy today, which marks almost three years since we began operating as an independent property.  We’ve received really positive feedback from our guests so far.”

Hamilton Hotel Partner, a hospitality advisory company, manages Dalmahoy on behalf of the owners.

Frank Croston, partner at Hamilton Hotel Partners, added : “This is a very exciting time for Dalmahoy. In the almost three years since becoming an independent hotel, turnover and profits have increased substantially. By continuing to invest in the resort, we will ensure Dalmahoy’s continued prominence in Edinburgh’s competitive four-star market.”

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