Plans revealed for first space station hotel

Designs for the world’s first space station hotel have been revealed, with plans for the hotel to be open as early as 2025. 

Designed by The Gateway Foundation as part of larger ‘space port’ structure which includes the SpaceX-serviced Von Braun Space Station. The hotel, known as ‘The Gateway’ will reportedly cater for around 300 guests. 

Unlike the International Space Station, artificial gravity is planned for the hotel in order to allow guests to move around normally. 

The Gateway foundation described the Lunar Gravity Area (LGA) as a “fabulous destination hotel” featuring a large open air gymnasium, a Japanese garden/park, a food court with a restaurant, casino, and a band stand for concerts. 

Under  the LGA the designs show there will be a layer of sound-proof hotel rooms called the LGA Habitation Area decorated with “soft furnishings and warm homely colours”.

Speaking to Dezeen Tim Alatorre, the senior design architect for the project said: “Eventually, going to space will just be another option people will pick for their vacation, just like going on a cruise, or going to Disney World.

“The goal of the Gateway Foundation is to have the Von Braun operational by 2025 with 100 tourists visiting the station per week, he continued.”

He added: “Because the overall costs are still so high most people assume that space tourism will only be available to the super rich, and while I think this will be true for the next several years, the Gateway Foundation has a goal of making space travel open to everyone.”

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