Applicants flock to Hotel Brooklyn MCR

Hotel Brooklyn MCR is receiving “impressive interest” in employment ahead of its February 2020 opening. 

The new Manchester site, inspired by 1940s New York, has released staffing roles through social media. The hotel will now host a ‘Casting Day’ to deal with the flow of applications received. 

HR manager for Bespoke Manchester, Niki Ball, will lead the the pre-opening recruitment campaign, and the ‘Casting Day’ is set to take place on 9 January, ahead of the site’s Valentine’s Day opening.

High interest roles for the site include Night’s Team player, Doors Person and Brooklyn Ambassadors, as well as kitchen and reception positions.  

Paul Bayliss MBE, general manager of the site, said: “Hotel Brooklyn provides outstanding job opportunities for an already highly-skilled hospitality community in the North West.

“Hotel Brooklyn will be one of the regions hottest and most talked about new openings in 2020 in the UK. As well as being a neighbourhood hotel we’ll be offering something for everyone, whether it’s a business coffee in the informal settings of the ground floor or an ‘on trend’ slap-up Big Apple style dinner with drinks in Salvation or Runyons.” 

He added: “Brooklyn Heights, our banqueting and events space, is a state-of-the-art conferencing area which will double for ‘High Jinks and Jazz’ celebrations with a backdrop of the city to admire. 

“Plus we’ll have staff dressed for each occasion: distinctive and different. We are looking for great people: a hospitality background is a bonus but they must have a confident Brooklyn spirit and enjoy being part of a team striving for excellence.”

The hotel is also set to be accessible, with 18 rooms adapted for guests with accessibility needs. Staff will be trained to care for those with extra needs.

Bayliss said: “We understand people requiring accessible facilities are not always so obvious as we all attempt to fit in. Our team will be undertaking training to understand the range of issues people contend with so we can help. 

“We are using new technology designed to assist us so we meet the needs of guests’ proactively both before and during their stay.” 

He added: “We’ll learn from our early interactions and like everyone in our industry does we’ll strive for an even better performance time  and again. All guests want a happy and seamless experience, delivered in the right manner.” 

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