Four digital marketing strategies to help you gain more hotel bookings

The hospitality industry is admittedly described as one that is filled with more vital key performance indicators (KPIs) when compared to any other sector.

From closing rates all the way to occupancy rates, there are various KPIs that every hotel owner or accommodation establishment manager can use to gauge whether or not their business is on track for long-term growth. It may be easy to get caught up with the amount of KPIs to choose from, but there’s one particular indicator that continually gives the clearest insight for guaranteed success: Booking rates.

No matter where or what type of hotel you operate, there’s no denying the excitement that comes with the sight of an increasing number of bookings. Whether you track your bookings every day, week, or month, having more bookings when compared to previous years will always desirable.

Digital marketing tools you need to start using right away

Fortunately, digital marketing has made it much easier to drive any hotel’s booking rates up beyond expectations without spending a fortune. If you’ve been looking to gain more bookings in the most sustainable way possible, here are four key digital marketing strategies that you can start using as early as today:

  1. Use metasearch engine advertising

You may not necessarily be quite familiar with the name, but your business is most likely listed on metasearch engine results from various websites such as Trivago, Agoda, and Google Hotel Ads. At this point, it may seem like being on a booking or OTA website may be enough to gain a steady number of bookings.

However, only when you start using metasearch engine advertising will you realize the more gains that you will receive. With a few crucial tweaks, you can bump your hotel listing up to the top of the search results, and that has always proven to generate a significant increase in bookings.

  1. Employ influencer marketing

If you follow an influencer or have been scrolling through Instagram quite frequently, chances are that you’ve seen an influencer post about their stay at a resort or hotel. It may seem like a regular, leisure-related post at first, but you will realise that any hotel that gets featured in an influencer’s post often gets a sharp increase in bookings and inquiries.

Having an influencer post about your hotel or inviting them for a free stay to write about your establishment can effectively boost your bookings by a huge margin.

  1. Create blog posts regularly

Out of all the different industries that blog posts can work wonders for, the hospitality industry has been shown to benefit the most from write-ups. At the end of the day, aside from purchasing, consumers always seek information that they can use for the future, and hotels and travels are no exception.

Hotel websites that post blogs about must-visit tourist spots in their area, travel tips, and the like, have seen sharp increases in their booking rates simply because they’ve etched themselves in the back of the minds of their potential consumers!

  1. Utilise chatbots

The hotel guests of today, admittedly, are fairly impatient because they expect 24/7 customer service and quick responses without fail. Thankfully, catering to this seemingly-overwhelming need for convenience and assistance can be done easily by utilizing chatbots that converse and help in the same way that an office-hour customer service staff does.

With a chatbot in place, not only will you have a representative that can quickly answer questions that anyone may have about your hotel, but you’ll also have an effective way to shorten the sales funnel for quicker conversions!

Digital marketing is an essential tool that any hotel owner needs to achieve their goals in the most efficient and effective manner possible and to ensure business success. By using the four digital marketing tools and strategies that were mentioned above, you can reel in even more bookings and give yourself a sizeable advantage over the competition!

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