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Tudor Farmhouse launches ‘pay it forward’ scheme

The Tudor Farmhouse in Clearwall has announced the launch of a new “pay it forward” scheme amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The scheme will allow customers to “forward-buy rooms, meals and experiences” at the hotel, giving the site a needed “cash boost” as the pandemic continues. 

The 20-bedroom boutique hotel will then honour all bookings through the use of vouchers once it begins trading again.

The scheme has been launched through Crowdfunder, and Tudor Farmhouse said it hopes to be able to “thrive” once the pandemic has lifted.

In a statement, the hotel said: “The global COVID-19 pandemic has created an uncertain landscape for millions of small British businesses making 2020 a very challenging year. 

“We have taken advantage of the offer from Crowdfunder to start this campaign to forward-sell rooms, meals and experiences at our hotel.”

It added: “We are confident that our business can survive this tricky time and continue to thrive once the restrictions are lifted. Your support now would be invaluable. 

“By paying it forward you will be giving us a cash boost at a time when we need it most. Once the effects of the pandemic has passed, we will be able to honour all bookings via vouchers.”

The hotel said that by paying it forward, it is asking customers to trust that we will still be operating once the lockdown lifts. 

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