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Glen Mhor Hotel provides reduced rate bed nights for key workers amid pandemic

Inverness-based Glen Mhor Hotel has said it has provided nearly 700 reduced rate bed nights for NHS and emergency workers so far during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since the first day of lockdown, the hotel has provided 695 beds for key workers visiting the highland capital, saying it is the only Inverness hotel to do so.

Beds and rooms were provided to NHS workers, firefighters, police officers and maintenance workers as well as the staff on-site during the establishment of Inverness’ Coronavirus Test Centre.

Strict infection control and social distancing measures have been put in place, which include 

All touch points in public areas have been persistently kept clean, hand sanitiser is available to both residents and staff at all times and breakfasts have been staggered to enable two metre social distancing.

Self check-ins and payment systems have been fully integrated, all hotel staff have the appropriate PPE and special isolation rooms have been set up should anyone require virus testing.

With residents ordering room service online from rooms, contact has been minimised and the hotel’s professional approach has led to praise from key workers using it as a base when working in the highlands.

Emmanuel Moine, manager, said: “Not all essential workers in Inverness are permanently based here.Some have had to travel here and they would have been stuck in a difficult situation had there been no hotel accommodation available.

“The Highlands is not the type of place you can travel back home from at night so, from day one, we decided to maintain a service for key workers because of the jobs they are doing for the country at this time.”

He added: “Businesses are having to take tough decisions everywhere, but at the moment it is about adapting your service for the new normal, supporting the people doing essential work and doing your bit to ensure the country begins to emerge safely from coronavirus restrictions. We will continue to support essential workers.”

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