Lions Group confirms job losses at three of its hotels

The Lions Group which owns three hotels in the Eastbourne area has confirmed that a number of jobs have been cut across its properties. 

According to the Eastbourne Herald, the group, which owns The Mansion Lions Hotel, Albany Lions Hotel and The Boship Lions Farm Hotel, said it has had to take a series of “harsh measures” in order to ensure its survival. 

While it has not confirmed the exact number of jobs lost, it has reportedly denied claims that all of its staff have been made redundant. 

In a statement sent to the herald it said: “The hospitality industry has been worst hit due to Covid-19. Like many others, we are having to review our businesses due to its impact.We are no different to other hotels I am sure, and we need to take harsh measures now to secure our long-term survival.

“It is not true to say that we have made all our staff redundant at our three hotels.However, I can confirm that some staff will unfortunately be made redundant. It is only after exploring all other available options, such steps had to be taken. We all hope that the economy / local tourism will improve in the coming months and years.”

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