TripAdvisor awards top UK hospitality businesses

Travel site TripAdvisor has today announced its 2015 Certificate of Excellence award recipients, with tens of thousands of UK hospitality businesses being honoured. 

A total of 40,464 hospitality businesses in the UK, including accommodation providers, restaurants and tourist attractions, have been awarded this year, up from 31,325 in 2014. London performed particularly well with more award-winning businesses than any other city in the world.

To mark the fifth anniversary of the awards, TripAdvisor has inducted businesses which have earned a certificate of excellence for five consecutive years into the ‘Hall of Fame’.

A total of 29,042 hospitality businesses worldwide were inducted into the Hall of Fame, including 3,799 in the UK.

London features the highest number of Hall of Fame winners in the UK with 344, while Edinburgh and York came second and third with 145 and 61, respectively.

Marc Charron, president at TripAdvisor for business, said: “TripAdvisor is pleased to honour exceptional hospitality businesses that have received consistent praise and recognition by travellers on the site.”

The award, which is in its fifth year, aims to celebrate excellence in hospitality and is given to around 10% of businesses listed on TripAdvisor that consistently achieve “great” traveller reviews on the site.

Top 10 UK cities with the highest number of 2015 Certificate of Excellence winners:

Top 10 UK cities with the highest number of 2015 Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame winners:

  • London – 344
  • Edinburgh – 145
  • York – 61
  • Glasgow – 53
  • Bath – 53
  • Blackpool – 53
  • Liverpool – 42
  • Brighton – 36
  • Windermere – 35
  • Torquay – 34

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