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Macdonald Hotels welcomes ‘positive’ festive outlook

Macdonald Hotels and Resorts has announced it is preparing to have all its hotels in Scotland open over the festive period as research shows 83% of people feel comfortable visiting a hospitality venue.

The survey of more than 8,700 people carried out by the Scottish-based hotel group found the “vast majority” of respondents would feel comfortable and safe being in a hotel, restaurant or bar over the festive period.

The group said the survey reveals “signs of optimism” for the industry and points to a “welcome upturn” over the coming weeks, when most venues will be allowed to re-open.

It added it also underlines “widespread recognition of the extensive steps hospitality businesses have taken to ensure guest and staff wellbeing is prioritised”.

Hotels in Level 4 locations including in West Lothian, Lanarkshire and Aberfoyle, which were closed on 20 November in line with government instruction, are now preparing to re-open on 11 December.

While some restrictions will initially continue for those operating in a Level 2 or Level 3 area, these are set to be further relaxed further from 23 to 27 December. The current travel ban will also be lifted during this period, giving more people the chance to get away for a short break this Christmas.

During this winter break, hotels will be able to accommodate separate groups of up to six people from two different households in a restaurant or bar setting, depending on specific tier regulations the hotel falls into.

J.P. Murphy, group head of Marketing said: “It is enormously encouraging that people recognise the wide range of steps being taken by us to keep them safe. All our hotels are operating to the highest standard of health and safety and our staff are focused on doing their usual incredible job of looking after our guests.

“While, unfortunately, we’re expecting fewer guests than normal over the festive season, we have created a fantastic festive offering to bring back some much-needed joy and normality to people’s lives. We are already seeing a marked upturn in bookings from people keen to see family and friends in a relaxed, fun environment that will keep them safe.”

He added: “We know from our own research that people want to enjoy time away from their homes, whether for a festive day out or an extended overnight stay.”

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