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SPONSORED: Leicestershire Company Jackloc Unlock Iraqi Hotel Market

Safety is of the utmost importance for hoteliers so it’s great news that Leicestershire based safety company, Jackloc, have now branched into a wider market, with it’s newest venture taking place in Iraq.

The award-winning product, which has a flexible cable attachment to restrict window openings, has been chosen as a feature of 70 bedroom windows in the Iraqi Kurdistan, which opened in June 2015.

Emma Wells, director of Jackloc, said of the news: “Securing this order in a new export market is very exciting for us. We are delighted that a product that has been designed and manufactured in the Midlands is being fitted in a brand new prestigious hotel in Iraq. We hope that this may be the start of further international expansion for Jackloc.”

So what makes this lock unique and so sought after that it is a feature within rooms in hospitals, care homes and of course, hotels?

The Jackloc is a durable and safe mechanism, which uses a flexible cord to restrict the opening of a window; an occurrence that can lead to an injury, or even death, from falls out of high storey windows.

However, the flexi-cord is key operated and, if the need for the window to be fully opened is requested, the lock is undone and releases the window to full capacity.

Another large appeal of this lock is the fact it can be installed on any window or door regardless of material – uPVC, wood and metal – and has led to this being the number one lock for Travelodge who have installed restrictors across 20,000 of their hotel rooms.

Many locks used previously by Travelodge were easily tampered with which meant they become ineffective and put guests at risk. Jackloc removes any risk of becoming faulty, utilising their window restrictors as they are made to be robust and withstand anyone messing with the cord or mechanism.

Jackloc offers the comfort to hotel owners that their rooms are safe and secure and offers the best protection against tragedies that have previously been reported over the last few years.

The reputation of a hotel needs to be maintained, not only in terms of service and cleanliness but also through the security of its rooms so any reports can be detrimental to it’s reviews and ratings.

Moving forward, there is no doubt that Jackloc with continue to increase it’s market and with countries across the globe such as Australia, Mexico and Singapore already seeing the major benefits of this product, it won’t be the last we hear of this great product making it’s way round the world.

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