Premier Inn trials ‘Good Night Guaranteed’ noise sensors

The Premier Inn is introducing noise sensors into communal halls which evaluate how much noise is being made by late night guests to ensure people get undisturbed sleep.

Designed to keep an eye on the level of noise in hallways, the speed-o-meter style monitors are being trialled to help ensure sleeping guests are not disturbed when other people return to their rooms late at night.

The new monitors, which will be positioned in corridors near guests’ rooms, will light up when noise levels reach a certain decibel level, gently reminding people to keep the noise down for the other patrons staying at the hotel.

Premier Inn’s chief executive, Andy Harrison said: “We asked our teams to come up with ideas about how we could reduce noise from other customers and they came up with some really novel innovations.

“We’ve introduced what we’re calling ‘ssshhh-o-meters’. Although it seems like a bit of fun, it’s actually addressing a very real business challenge. Because we offer a money-back guarantee it sharpens our focus on making sure we do everything we can to offer our guests a good night’s sleep.”

The scheme is being trialled as part of its unique Good Night Guarantee. If a guest doesn’t have a good night’s sleep, Premier Inn promises to refund them the cost of their stay.

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