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Facebook ‘most effective platform’ for travel marketers

A survey by EyeforTravel has found that Facebook is the best performing social media network among travel marketers.

The State of Data and Analytics in Travel Report 2017 showed that Facebook dominated, with 61.1% of respondents saying it was their preferred platform. Instagram came second with 15.8% of respondents citing it as their favourite social media network, and Twitter came third with 10.3%.

Alex Headwick, head of research at EyeforTravel, said: “Facebook has numerous advantages above its rivals, but the largest of these is the depth of information it has on its users.

“Potentially Facebook has the majority of a Millennial or Generation Z’s life recorded in detail, from their interests and preferences, to the places they have travelled to.

“This gives them enormous power that has been multiplied by the clever acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp. In my opinion these acquisitions also help to future-proof Facebook from potential downturns in usage of its original platform.”

The survey had a sample of over 450 travel data professionals and while 50.8% of the overall sample cited using social media to drive insight, 78.2% of marketers asked said they used social media in their campaigns.

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