Need a friend? Belgian hotel rents goldfish to lonely guests

The Hotel Charleroi Airport is offering a unique service

The Hotel Charleroi Airport in Belgium has found a unique way to provide comfort for its solo travelling guests with a goldfish renting service.

The hotel, which is located in Gosselies, allows guests to have a goldfish in their room for €3.50 (£3.20) a night to keep them company.

The hotel has been offering the service for a while, but gained popularity after a picture of one of the goldfish was posted on Twitter before going viral.

Michelle Cook, who had a friend staying at the hotel shared the picture with the caption: “They’ve offered her the option of renting a fish for the night in case she’s lonely. #noshit.”

Hotel Charleroi Airport

In a statement to The Independent, hotel manager David Dillen provided assurances that the fish were well looked after for over four years.

He said: “They also have a big fish-tank in the housekeeping department, with a shelter, oxygen and plants.”

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