What do your dreams actually mean?

Do you fly? Get chased? Find out the meaning of your dreams

Whether you are at home in your own bed or out on your travels staying in a hotel, at Mattressman, we understand the importance of a good night’s sleep and want to ensure that everyone has sweet dreams every night. But what do your dreams actually mean?

Each night we are asleep, we dream five times on average with each one lasting between 15 and 40 minutes, which totals to around two hours of metaphorically-present content being created in your unconscious every night! Our sleep experts have taken a look at nine of the most commonly experienced dreams at Mattressman to help you understand what your dreams actually mean:

  1. Is someone chasing you? In many cases, we aren’t scared about the act of being chased, but of what is chasing us, as you could be running from something that is making you frightened or anxious when you’re awake. The chaser could also represent your own emotions, such as anger or jealousy.
  2. Are you floating out to sea? Water often represents your emotions and the quality can indicate how effectively you manage your emotions – calm water represents one side and turbulent seas the other.
  3. Travelling by plane, train or car? Vehicle dreams are seen to reflect the direction of your life and whether you feel in in control or not.
  4. In the exam hall? Dreams where you are confronted with a test you aren’t prepared for commonly highlight a lesson that you’ve learnt in the past, they can reflect a lack of confidence or possibly the inability to advance to the next stage of your life.
  5. Have you grown wings? Flying in a dream can relate to whether you’re confident or not and able to achieve your goals – flying high is heavenly, whereas flying low can be a sign of frustration and hint at a lack of confidence.
  6. Falling from up high? We’ve all had at least one of those dreams were we feel like we are falling, but not all of these can be negative and scary. When falling, some people can experience a calm feeling that represents letting go. On the other hand, falling from a great height can indicate that something in your life is out of control.
  7. Lost your clothes? If you’re naked in a dream, it can symbolise not being able to find yourself, uncertainty or being wrongly accused, or emotional or psychological exposure or vulnerability.
  8. Are your teeth falling out? This kind of dream might reflect anxieties about your appearance that could stem from a fear of rejection, embarrassment or feeling unattractive.
  9. Are you always late? If you’ve just changed your life around, dreaming about being late could highlight that you are worried or anxious about the change, or that you are working to a tight deadline on something and running out of time.

So now you have a better understanding of what your dreams actually mean, try and remember them when you wake up and you may find more about your waking life!

It doesn’t matter what location you are in – a good night’s sleep and an array of dreams are essential, and what’s better than having a good dream in that a comfortable bed frame and mattress from Mattressman? Regardless of the amount of mattresses you require, we can meet all of your needs with our Landlord, Leisure and Hotel Pocket ranges, which will suit all of your sleep requirements.

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  1. Dreams are one of those amazing topics that all of us experience, but cannot even begin to understand the philosophy and reasons behind them. I was very excited to read this article because it will help to remind people to think more about their dreams, and maybe even find a bit of inspiration in them. Finally, a good mattress is indeed important! Thanks for this.

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