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Average pay for hospitality workers outstrips UK average income

The diverse nature of the industry means that there is now a wide range range of career and employment opportunities available to people of all backgrounds

According to mobile bar service provider Drink A Mix there has never been a better time to get involved in the hospitality sector, as the average wage begins to outstrip the UK average salary.

The group says that the hospitality industry is among the fastest growing sectors in the UK and is now directly employs 3.2 million people, making it the fourth biggest provider of jobs in the UK. The sector is worth over £75bn to the UK economy and contributes a further £90bn through indirect means.

The group added that the diverse and vast nature of the hospitality sector means that potential employees can transfer a diverse skill set across a wide range of workplaces within the industry; people can choose to work in hotels, restaurants, pubs, and bars.

Drink a Mix explained that the size of the hospitality sector also means that there’s always a high demand for staff, meaning it’s possible to cash in on the rapidly increasing pay available. Bartenders and waiting staff, for example, will not only get their base rate of pay but can profit immensely by receiving tips from customers.

A company spokesperson said: “We provide a bartender only service alongside our other ranges that include a mobile bar and alcohol provision, which means that the success of our business is driven primarily by the employees.

“As the earnings of hospitality workers have started to rise, it’s become a much more attractive option for talented employees and we’ve been seeing a real change in the motivation of our staff as they feel well rewarded for their efforts.”

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