Cleaning solution that kills coronavirus and reduces workload for hotels

Infection control company ECE Group Services (ECE) has launched a new cleaning solution that is laboratory tested and certified to kill coronavirus on both hard and soft surfaces.

XtraProtect is suitable for all hard surfaces of a hotel room, but unlike any other product on the market, it can be used equally effectively on upholstery, bed linen, curtains, soft furnishings and carpets.

The solution not only immediately cleans and sanitises but offers longer term protection by bonding to surfaces and creating an invisible, non-sticky residual layer that prevents re-contamination for several days.

Hotels will typically handle the decontamination of bedding, curtains and carpets with increased washing, bleaching and dry cleaning. XtraProtect removes this need, as it can be used in trigger sprays, pressure pumps, atomisers, traditional mop and bucket or in fogging machines, ensuring that every part of a room is decontaminated quickly and easily. It is a totally safe product for skin and surfaces alike.

Darren Wight, MD of ECE, said: “Unlike bleach and other chemical based cleaners that are harsh and pose COSHH issues, XtraProtect is safe to use anywhere and by anyone. It presents no hazards and can be safely stored, without fear of fire or explosion. It is also biodegradable and non-toxic, with zero impact on the environment or on aquatic life. I believe this product will dramatically ease the time and cost burdens on hotels of ensuring a COVID safe environment for their guests.”

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