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Scottish hospitality calls on gov to ‘listen and respond’ amid election result

The Scottish National Party won its fourth election, securing 64 seats, but fell short in securing an overall majority

The hospitality sector in Scotland is calling for the government and other Holyrood parties to “listen and respond” to the industry’s needs after the recent Scottish parliamentary election.

The Scottish National Party (SNP) won its fourth election, securing 64 seats, but fell one short in securing an overall majority as a party.

However, the success of the Scottish Greens last week has resulted in a pro-independence majority in Holyrood going forward into the next parliamentary term.

Responding to the election result, Leon Thompson, the executive director for UK Hospitality Scotland, said: “UK Hospitality Scotland looks forward to working with the returning administration to ensure that Scotland’s dynamic hospitality businesses receive the support they need.

“This is a critical time for hospitality – a sector hardest hit by the pandemic and still in survival mode. It is vital that the Scottish government listens and responds to calls for ongoing support and a speedy easing of restrictions.”

He added: “We also need the creation of a policy and regulatory landscape that enables the sector to fully recover and flourish.

“Hospitality is Scotland’s great success story and, with the right support from the Scottish government and all members of the Scottish parliament, the sector can lead the country’s economic and social renewal.”

On social media, the Scottish Hospitality Group said: “Congratulations to everyone elected in all parties throughout Scotland. Elections over, so now it’s back to work.

“Back to putting priority into education, economy, business and starting to focus on reopening hospitality in line with our colleagues south of the border.”

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