Eglinton Arms completes renovation amid £9k investment

The business ‘anticipates’ a further £250k of additional sales will be brought in per year, ensuring both its ‘survival and growth’ following the pandemic

The Eglinton Arms, Eaglesham, has been renovated after an investment of £9k from the European Regional Development Fund.

The 24-bed hotel, originally a coaching inn, now features banqueting facilities and a
all-day restaurant, developing its nearby land into outdoor dining, and increasing its capacity by 25%.

Englinton initially closed in March 2020 and reopened in July 2020 for essential workers but was significantly impacted by the pandemic.

To respond to these challenges, the hotel said the team identified an opportunity to “develop” the land next to the hotel and transform this into an outdoor dining area and beer garden that could sit up to 80 people.

The business “anticipates” this expanded dining area will eventually help bring in a further £250k of additional sales per year, ensuring both its “survival and growth” following the pandemic.

Tuathal Breheny, operations director, said: “Like many in hospitality, we knew that we had to adapt quickly to the pandemic, and for us, the lack of outdoor dining was a significant challenge and limited our ability to survive the crisis.

“Our business is now in a strong position for growth, and the dining area has been well received by customers. While we are thankful many of the restrictions required by the pandemic have been lifted, this is a space that will be enjoyed long into the future.”

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