Warwick Castle reveals new hotel plans for 2023

The proposed carbon hotel will share some facilities with the castle’s existing lodges, such as the kitchens and a restaurant.

Warwick Castle has announced it has developed plans for a new hotel to be built in part of the castle’s existing main car park, with hopes for the hotel to be completed by Christmas 2023.

The proposed plan outlines a low carbon hotel, and it is intended to be built adjacent to the existing lodges which have reportedly proved “very popular with families and are often at full capacity”.

Additionally, the hotel will share some facilities with the existing lodges, such as the kitchens and a restaurant, which will minimise the scale of the new hotel building. 

Warwick Castle said the idea of an onsite hotel was raised in the castle’s Masterplan which was published in 2019, and a number of options and locations have been explored before settling on the area near the lodges, which is where the glamping tents are also located during the summer. 

Warwick Castle will be discussing their plans with both Warwick District Council and the Town Council, and they have also hosted a series of public consultations.

Nick Blofeld, divisional director of Warwick Castle, said: “The hotel proposal plan has evolved over the last few years and we think it is a sensitive and practical development that works well in the unique and very special setting we have here at the castle.”

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