Going contactless with Voice AI Assistant

How Aiello equipped more than 30 branded hotels during Covid

Aiello Intelligent Voice Assistant, the leading contactless and 24/7 hotel guest experience solution for hoteliers, got its first customer right before covid hit. It has since been deployed in more than 4000 hotel rooms in Asia, and is used by 1 million hotel guests every year. This rapid growth is due to the need for hoteliers to reduce physical interactions during guests’ stay while refocusing a reduced workforce on more valuable tasks. By implementing Aiello’s voice and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technologies, hotels are able to save up to 20% of their front desk time and streamline the flow of guests to avoid crowds. 

Aiello engaged with more than 30 branded properties in Asia, including 5-star luxury hotels by IHG Hotels Group, Marriott International, LDC Hotels & Resorts, and independent boutique hotels including Chez Nous Hotel, Play Design Hotel, etc.

“Aiello Voice Assistant is the most attentive little helper, handling guests’ repetitive requests and therefore providing more time for our staff to build relationships with guests. It allows us to anticipate guests’ needs and preferences systematically, empowering us to provide the most genuine hospitality experience.”

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– Rebecca Lee, General manager of Silks Place Tainan

“With Aiello, we can create the most heart-warming travel experience for our guests. Even when we need to deal with important covid-19 prevention measures, guest experience remains to be our highest priority!” 

– Eugene Zheng, Guest Rooms of Director of Chez Nous Hotel

 “Frictionless” guest experience is becoming the new norm in an industry heavily impacted by Covid-19. Hoteliers’ ability to provide a contactless yet friendly and responsive service became a necessity and AI Voice Assistants have proven to help hotels maintain top standards of service in this context. 

Aiello leverages its AI tech team experience from Google, Qualcomm, ST-Ericsson, etc… to provide the most advanced AI voice Assistant on the market. Deeply customisable, its voice solution integrates with each hotel workflow to highlight the uniqueness of the guest experience. 

Aiello also believes the future of hospitality is data- and privacy-driven. It combines its voice capabilities with a Data Management Platform, so hoteliers can get full access to anonymised data and convert it into actionable insights, as a channel to fulfill and enhance guest experience. 

Aiello Intelligent Voice Assistants are tailor-made for hoteliers, providing critical support to business decision. Its features could be customised to promote hotel’s business objectives. The Top 4 use-cases are: 

24/7 Interactive Voice Concierge

  • Solving guest’s requests immediately 
  • Automate response from hoteliers

In-Room Entertainment

  • Bluetooth wireless speaker
  • IoT room control including lights, curtains, television, air conditioners, etc.

Generate Cross-selling Opportunities

  • Prioritise hotel’s facilities in recommendation 
  • Customise push messages to each room
  • Play latest events information, F&B offerings on interactive display advertisement 

Data Driven Dashboard

  • Enable staff to track tasks
  • Collect valuable insights and establish guest preferences 

Aiello Intelligent Voice Assistant supports multiple languages, including English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), and Japanese, prepared to serve guests from all over the world. 

Looking forward to the tourism in a post-pandemic world? Learn more about Aiello click here.


About Aiello

Aiello Intelligent Voice Assistant was created out of a deep passion for NLU technologies. Through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we aim to create the most user-friendly and human-like consumer–to–device interaction experience. By bringing the most advanced technology into every commercial field, we ambition to shape voice-based lifestyles in the future.

Since 2018, Aiello has continuously won numerous awards in international competitions for AI business applications. Our outstanding products and a world-class team allow us to shine in the startup ecosystem. To learn more about Aiello Inc.

Awards and Recognition 

  • 2021 London Hotel 360 Tech Product of the Year Award Winner 
  • 2020 Taiwan Tourism Innovation & Tech Awards 1st runner up
  • 2019 Marriott International Global Startup Award Top 6
  • 2019 CES Asia AI Innovation Awards Winner
  • 2019 Sequoia Capital, Qualcomm and Cyzone Top 10 Most Company Growth

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