Tullyglass Hotels opens newly refurbished whiskey lounge

Tullyglass Hotel and Residences has refurbished its whiskey lounge as well as its restaurant as part of a £2m investment in the Ballymena hotel

Tullyglass Hotel and Residences has undergone some changes to its long-standing Ballymena hotel to “reconnect with its roots”, with a remodelling focussed largely on its whiskey lounge, which has been refurbished as a tribute to the old Tullyglass House.

The whisky lounge refurbishment comes alongside the brand’s newly renovated restaurant, which is part of a two-year programme with an expenditure of around £2m.

In addition, the refurbishment was headed by Laura Cleary designs, which reportedly remained true to the old heritage of the local landscapes surrounding the long-standing hotel. 

McAllister’s whiskey lounge is complemented by hand-crafted side tables made of petrified wood, while other “unusual” pieces of furniture have also been used in the new reception and other areas in the hotel. 

Locally sourced wooden flooring was also reportedly used in the refurbishment of the Tullyglass, which “reflects the grandeur of the original Tullyglass House in its heyday”. 

The complete reimagining and theming of McAllister’s Bar and Restaurant reflect the ownership of Tullyglass House by James McAllister who established a whiskey distillery in Ballymena and achieved sales throughout Europe, and as far afield as North America.  

A collection of Irish whiskeys sit behind the bar and reportedly reflects the birth of the McAllister brand.

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